Project Management

Building cleanroom and other HVAC system far away from “home” is definitely a very challenging process. You will be forced to deal with different building standards, other cultures, foreign languages and many more things that can make a so-thought simple task very complicated, long lasting and, at the end, overly expensive.

THG, located in Tampa, Florida, has specialized in supporting European companies with managing their projects in North, Central and South America.

Our services include:

  • Project planning
  • Conceptual design
  • Final design and equipment specification
  • Export / Import assistance
  • Construction supervision
  • Testing / Certification
  • Documentation

Having managed projects in Europe, North and Latin America, we have a good understanding of what customers expect in terms of speed, efficiency and quality.

On the other hand, we also know where the difficulties are in certain foreign markets and how to best overcome those obstacles.

We believe that we can save you from making too many mistakes while managing your overseas projects and save you time, headaches and money.

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